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Goodfella's recovery was hired by TitleMax in Carrollton GA to repossess a vehicle.Goodfella's showed up at my home without any legal documentation for repossession and did not have the proper legal repossession papers.

They placed a front wheel drive car backwards on the tow truck, and when I ask them to show the proper paperwork concerning their reason for being there to get my car, they only showed me a computer screen with my name and the type of car that I owned. I then started speaking to them about allowing me to gain the personal items out of my car, they informed me that they didn't have to allow me to do that. I them began to get angry with them concerning this matter. They informed me that if I was not nice to them that they would make sure that I never got my items or my car back.

I ask my husband to get the keys to the car so that I could get our belongings out, and at that time, the driver told the spot man "forget this, we need to get the *** out of here". The took off out of the driveway with my car still on the truck backwards and in park. Due to this negligence, the car wheels dug grooves into my driveway for 320 feet. I made a police report concerning this, I have also spoken to TitleMax several times, and Goodfella's.

No one has attempted to even try and work out an agreement to repair the damages made by this company. TitleMax is just as guilty for sending a company to illegally repossess a vehicle, while using a company that has drivers that do not know how to properly repossess and tow vehicles.

I have a video showing the damage done to my driveway that will be available on YouTube.(search: Damage done by Goodfella's hired by TitleMax)

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Always keep away from titlemax as they will get your car if you dont pay them. Borrow the money from family and friends and they will not come in at 2am and take your car from you.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #631020

In bad times it's unfortunate we have companies like titlemax who can legally gouge you.Please folks, keep your title, stay away from titlemax.

Now the people who work there are doing the job they got hired to do.

I don't, and have never, worked there.I have however used their service and paid dearly for it.


for it wasnt my car it was daughter in laws which was parked in my driveway pulled from rear end bad thing is front wheel drive car and if your saying inbred poor trash and dead beat u must be looking in a mirror

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